Who We Are

Organisation Development International (ODI), with its head office in Pretoria, South Africa, is a globally represented productivity consulting company.

Our mission is to provide holistic solutions that promote people development and operations excellence, through training, coaching and consulting, supported by a range of excellent products. 

ODI has been in business since 1989.  It has successfully implemented the 20 Keys, and supporting programmes in a large number of companies, in a wide variety of industries, and across the world. ODI has very strong international links to Japan and Eastern Europe. In Eastern Europe, many companies implement the 20 Keys with Government support, to improve the economic status of these countries.

What We Do

The 20 Keys programme, for which ODI is the Exclusive License Holder for Southern Africa, supported by National Certificates in Management and Productivity at NQF Levels 2, 3, 4, 5 and a National Diploma at NQF Level 5, has been developed to strengthen global competitiveness, and to assist management to achieve the goals of the organisation, by focusing on the fundamental issues of producing products, and providing services better, faster, and cheaper.

A global economy means that companies face global competition. In order to compete successfully in a global economy, companies need to continuously improve their performance in terms of producing products, and providing services better, faster, and cheaper.

Many organisations strive to learn the secrets of world class organisations, and have implemented various programmes. Yet, despite this, many have not achieved sustainable success.  It is often not appreciated that successful companies follow a comprehensive, holistic approach towards continuous improvement initiatives.  Such companies also successfully establish an internal capability and culture for continuous improvement.


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ODI is a 51% Black-Owned Level 2 QSE B-BBEE Contributor

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Exclusive rights to market and implement the PPORF 20 Keys Programme in Southern Africa.


Accredited qualifications and skills programmes


Accredited qualifications and skills programmes


Accredited qualifications and skills programmes


Accredited qualifications and skills programmes